Where does CBD come from?

Here at Bushrootz CBD Store, we believe in transparency. The CBD industry can be incredibly confusing. You may have noticed that every CBD company claims that they have the best products on the market. This is simply not true.

CBD qualities can be broken down into several different grades with the main 3 being:

- Complete Spectrum CBD

- Full Spectrum CBD

- Isolate CBD

Learn the difference HERE

Complete Spectrum CBD has a very precise definition. Isolate CBD does as well.

On the other hand, every company is calling their products Full Spectrum if they don't live up to Complete Spectrum and they don't to be categorized as Isolate. Some companies are taking CBD Isolate and adding orange peel extract and claiming their products are Full Spectrum.

If you are looking for the mid range products know as Full Spectrum, then there is a lot of variation in effectiveness. As companies are added to the page, we will require the companies to give us all the information we ask in exchange for being added to our store. This includes labs, genetics, extraction techniques, sourcing locations, etc.

We have been primarily been working with CBD since 2013 and we have seen the confusion that the CBD industry brings. We are going to do our best to carry the best products at the best prices. All Bushrootz CBD products will have real reviews. If a company gets bad reviews for any reason then they will be replaced with a better company that can live up to our customers expectations. We are not going to stick up for any of the brands on our page if our customers are not happy with the products. And as a transparent CBD webstore, we want your honest reviews.

Much of the CBD on the market comes from the same producers. There are 100's of companies that buy their CBD from the EXACT same producer. This makes it very confusing when the consumer is trying to understand what they are buying. You may have tried 5 different brands in the past that are all the EXACT same grade of CBD. Here at Bushrootz, we want to give the consumer the power to understand what they are buying and we do not plan on carrying redundant brands.

More to come as we add more brands to our list.


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